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online schooling for high school
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Saturday 19 December 2009

Volunteering overseas Ghana

Volunteering overseas Ghana,

Saturday 5 December 2009

accredited online high school

accredited online high school
Description:  Forest Trail Academy provides accredited online high school that offers many benefits and advantages over customary educational methods and systems presented through our public schools.

Optimum Directory

Optimum Directory

The Optimum Directory was developed in 2007 as an online search aid with constantly
updated categories and fresh topics.
Our staff works diligently to create a database of links to the Web's best resources
for some of the most sought after and researched topics.
Unlike many directories, all of our links are hand selected by members of our staff.
Our editors personally assess each submission and search for quality sites to

Kamjah Life Coaching

Life Coaching
url :
Desc: Life Coaching with specialties in: Dating, Career, Life Transition, Divorce, and Finding Purpose

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Some of my favourite sites

Practical Philosophy
This page contains some recommended links for those interested in Philosophy in Practice ..
Practical Philosophy
Progress wise decision-making

The Philosophers Magazine
Philosophy Now 
 The Philosophical Society of England
 Pathways to Philosophy
Newcastle Philosophy Society
   Episteme Links
 Philosopher's Gallery
The Window - philosophy on the web
  Philosopher's Guide
 Kierkegaard on the net
 Ethics Updates Home Page
Philosophy for Everyone
Philosophy For All

Well-Being and Personal Development

Nash Popovic’s comprehensive programme for personal education can be found at

Positive Psychology On the Web

 Recommended Links
 Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness site including Signature Strengths survey

Positive Psychology quotations (Talent Development Resources) and resources

Ed Deiner’s site

World Database of Happiness (Continuous register of scientific research on subjective appreciation of life)

How to be Happy (Guardian November 19th 2003)

Interview with Martin Seligman











WISDOM Memory%20&%20Aging/Staudinger%20et%20al.,%201998.pdf





 Psychology Counseling By Expert Psychologists & Psychiatrists in Chicago - is offering psychology counseling by expert psychologists &

psychiatrists in Chicago. Our therapists providing a comfortable and professional environment, where people can feel

confident they are receiving the best therapy.

Management Training from - Learn more than 100 essential management skills at

The Coaching and Mentoring Network

My Life Coach Title: Life Coaching, Career Testing, MBTI (Myers-Briggs), Strong
Description: Create a life you will love with our inexpensive career/personality testing and coaching services. We offer the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) and Strong Interest Inventory at the lowest prices online.

Your Ideal Life Coaching
Try a free life coaching session with Marie - an experienced uk life coach who will help you to move towards your ideal life.
Title : Lifestyle Directory
Description : A directory system search engine where you can seach the sites for your lifestyle interests and also your webpage can be listed in HTML page for FREE.

Life Coaching & Consulting with Chris Wesley
Personal, Business and Executive Coaching & Consulting. Find the Focus, Energy and Courage to make Great Things Happen in Your Life and at Work.

Communications In Action

Step by Step Coaching
Meet your coach, Rachel Cooke. I founded Step by Step Coaching after rebuilding my life from scratch. I am driven to helping others change their lives for the better. You can change your life. You have all the answers inside you. My job is to help you find them. Don't waste any more time - grasp your life and live it. Make positive change permanent with Step by Step Coaching!

Become a life coach!

Build a professional, 6 figure income working from home or within corporations.

Life Coaching Career

Search Engine Optimization and Free Submission

Dave Rogers's Art Therapy site

Art Therapy In South London

Art therapy provides you with a time and a place to address underlying causes of unwelcome emotions through the use of creative materials.
Art Therapy also gives an opportunity to gain and build confidence and inspiration. 
Experience the health and creative benefits of self-expression with the support of an experienced and trained therapist

You do not need any art experience or art skills to benefit from art therapy!
Dave Rogers   
State Registered Art Therapist